Project Aesthetics Compared to 20th Century Designs: Beer Tap Handle

Lava Lamp Original Brand 20 oz - Yellow Wax with Purple Liquid

My major aesthetic for my project is the hippie/groovy aesthetic that was popular in the 60s and 70s, as my project is based around a lava lamp as its central design. The aesthetic incorporates fluid shapes with bright vivid colors. The lighting will be changing constantly as I program it in an attempt to simulate the movement of the lava that I cannot actually replicate in the handle, as it will be cast using resin.

Lava lamps became popular during the Pop Art movement, which is reflected in the bright colors and sleek designs of the lamps. In addition, the lava also incorporates a bit of biomorphism as the moving lava flows in a very organic manner, almost as if it is living.


This minimal lava lamp is a basic tube without any curves, and if possible would only have a single blob of lava going up and down through the lamp.


The streamlined lava lamp design utilizes a curved tube shape, coming to an aerodynamic point at the end. The base may also be a brushed aluminum like many planes or an airstream camper.

Scandinavian Modern 

This Scandinavian modern design incorporates the lighter wood that is very common in this style, and lighter colors to make it inviting to the touch.
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  • I like the paint drawings, they have an amateurish charm. You did a good job of differentiating the styles; maybe the streamlined lamp would have a more rounded bottom, like a teardrop.


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