Summing Up 2019

Overall, I really enjoyed this class as it was a mix of technical challenges and creative expression.  Working through the various steps of the project and documenting them as I went along helped me to understand my project better, and the feedback from my peers in the class encouraged me to make my final project…
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Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations

Since beginning my undergraduate education, I’ve built many of the typical “engineering” skills that most mechanical engineering students have, from CAD modeling to 3D printing to coding and electronics. Outside of the classroom, I’ve taken some classes and built skills in entrepreneurship and marketing, which I hope will help me towards my ideal career path.…
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Aesthetic Exploration 2019: Beer Tap Handles

The aesthetic I have chosen to explore is the aesthetic of beer tap handles, and how they can range from incredibly minimalistic to functional works of art. Until the early 20th century, beer was typically served directly from the barrel, until artificial carbonation was introduced in 1936 thus beginning what we know as draught beer. …
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