Final Progress: Kinetic Sculpture

Last week, I had plans to create two mobiles and balance them opposite each other on the structure above. The layout would be similar to the staircase design below.

Following the construction timeline I set out, I’ve completed both the mobiles.

But I felt this look was a bit lacking. So I began wrapping more wire around the base to hang mobiles off the front and back as well.

This was approaching a more visually engaging look, but still felt somewhat empty, with too many desperate parts and gaps between the top and the mobiles. So I decided to add 4 smaller mobiles in between each of the existing arms, so the final layout is similar to a wheel divided into eighths. But before adding on the remaining mobiles I removed them to finalize the base.

This meant wrapping the wood at the bottom with more wire.

I first added a square layer around the entire base, then began wrapping in a circular pattern, to make it look more natural.

I added a few more layers before wrapping the entire structure in red wire and reattaching the mobiles. The result certainly feels more cohesive than where it started.


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