Main Project Final Stretch Progress

As of right now, I have my hex bolt, spacers, shaft, acrylic, and wood. I will proceed in cutting the acrylic tomorrow and turning down some of the spacers to the exact length I need them to be. Otherwise, I had to do a design iteration that included adding material to my smallest spiral. This added time to my design phase and so I am not on the schedule I created. In fact, I am a couple days behind.

I plan to do a dry fit of my assembly tomorrow and build the base that it is supposed to sit in. Below is a picture of the current spiral design I have created.

Another design change that I had to make was adding a fillet to the blades and add a thickness to them. I looked at the stress concentrations and the width of the spiral. The accumulation of these two things would destroy my spiral. I believe I have fixed all of the design issues I have come across and should still be ready by expo!!

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Main Project Final Stretch Progress
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