Main Project Final Stretch Progress

As of now I have about two weeks until I want my project to be completely finished. I am expecting my fabric to arrive any day! Hopefully it will arrive today or tomorrow (Thursday) then I will be on track to complete most of it by Saturday 4/13.

If the fabric gets here on Monday 4/15 which is what the tracking says, I will probably cut out the fabric Tuesday or Wednesday of next week and then work on sewing Wednesday through Saturday. I want to be done by the first day of presentations which is the next Monday 4/22 so this will still allow me to finish in time!

My sewing pattern is completely done so I can’t do anything else until I get the fabric. I am excited to see how it turns out! I feel pretty confident that it will turn out how I want but there might be some problems with the dimensions that will surprise me. I am hoping that these small problems will only be apparent to me because I know what to look for.


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  • I am writing this comment in the distant future, well past the due date for the final project. What would you have done differently on this coat if you had been given more time to make it? What changed between this post and the expo?


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