Final Report Part 2- Candle

Similar to last semester when I took flowvis with Prof. Hertzberg, I really enjoyed this class and I learned a lot as well. My future plans are to use the knowledge I gained in this class and apply them to future project.

My original plans for the project were to make a spiral shaped candle but as I tried to do that I found out that it needs a high-tech machine which are very expensive and designed for factories not for home use. However, I ended up designing a candle that I really like how it looks and how it smells. I found out that after a few weeks of completing the project that the candle smell almost disappears. For my future designs, I would like to make the smell last longer and try different scents.

I am going to continue making my own home-made candles and I will try to make the molds myself for future designs.

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  • Please talk about your chosen aesthetic. The dog candle seems to fall into the kitch aesthetic. What smells did you choose and why? Does the dog candle smell like dog?


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