Final Project Report Part 2

My project was to design a speaker that took on a futuristic and spacey aesthetic. Overall I achieved my goal and am very proud of the final outcome. Unfortunately I found that after building everything that the top frame decreased sound quality fairly noticeable so I decided to drill holes in the top frame to give it better sound. This did work and the quality improved, however you could totally tell that it was a hack job when the light bar turned on and shone through the fabric. To give it a better look I decided to make some design changes and reprint with holes already pre built into the top frame. The outcome is pretty noticeable.


From here I plan to incorporate touch-sensitive buttons under the fabric to actually change the volume of the device. I also want to add a proper finish and smooth out the body to make it look less like it was 3D printed. I think this will definitely be a project that I will keep with me for a long time.

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