Final Report 1: Neon Dreamcatcher

Originally when I wanted to make a final project for this class, I did not think of making a dreamcatcher. After deciding on a style of dream catchers from research online, I wanted to create one that might look similar to this:

Dreamcatcher sketch style vector illustration. Old engraving imitation. Dreamcatcher amulet hand drawn sketch imitation


I wanted to create the wooden frames myself and manually drill holes on the rim for the strings to go to. However, it seemed like the wood would snap on me most of the time. So in the end, I decided to use a hula hoop as a frame and use laser cut materials for the decorations. As seen below, some of them turned out better than others. The hula hoop used was donated from another student.


Since the defined aesthetic is neon colors/lights , The supplies I used resembled that. I went to an art store and got the supplies I needed to begin putting it together.

When it was time to tie the strings to the frame, I had no idea how to tie them in a pleasant way. It took some trial and error. Eventually, I had it figured out.

After the frame was done, it was time to paint the laser cut pieces. I had to experiment with a bunch of different colors in order to match the aesthetic I was going for. I used acrylic paint and a set of brushes and laid out my favorite pieces and chose 4 for my final product. Finally, I wrapped fairy lights around the rim and mounted the control box on the bottom.

Budget Overview:

Hula Hoop: Free
Yarn: $7.00
Feathers (4 varieties): $10
Lights w/ Control box: $20.00
TOTAL:  $37.00




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  • Jaehyung Lee
    May 8, 2019 8:52 pm

    I like your idea putting leon light on the dream catcher because it is ironic. Personally, I cannot sleep well when there is any light shining so the leon dream catcher will make me dream more. I dream when I barely sleeping. And it looks cool!


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