Main Project Part 2

My main design intent for the dream catcher I made was to make it look as modern or futuristic as possible. I wanted to make the frame out of wood and paint it in a color that makes most sense to me from the aesthetic timeline approaches. Since the wood material I kept using is not strong enough, I opted for other solutions. My other intent is to make it have a good human interface to maybe glow. I also wanted to use fairy/string lights instead of the strings, or maybe intertwine the two.

What I learned from this class is that there are many different interpretations of aesthetics. If the whole class was given the same project, we will all get different results even if we were told to go in the same direction. I also learned a lot from the design timeline.

Compared to all my initial ideas, this is a very different approach to the dream catcher I had in mind. my plans moving forward is to hang this in my room until I have to move back home, then give it to my friend’s little sister who seemed to really enjoy the colors.

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