Aesthetic Explorations: Indoor Plants


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The indoor plant aesthetic is one that is closely related to a few different interior design aesthetics. It can be found complimenting aesthetics such as modern, bohemian rustic and even industrial designs. Indoor plants and the aesthetic that they usually create can also even mix with minimalism, just not all that often.

There is something really peaceful that I find about the presence of plants indoors. For some it could be the connection to nature, to others it could be the idea of nurturing something fickle or it could even be brightening up a boring room. I never thought of myself as someone who subscribes by this aesthetic because I have just 3 plants, but even so I find it interesting to look at what some people have done with their spaces. I’m not entirely certain why I got my first plant but soon after I did, I realized that it needed a home. So in a rather hipster fashion, I up-cycled a pallet that I found and turned it into a plant shelf with a timed growing light. Then it obviously needed some company so I got a second.

Image courtesy of me (Max Armstrong)

What I did in my apartment is on the simple side of what a lot of people do, especially compared to what I saw when I trawled through Instagram to write this blog post. I think that for a lot of people, they put plants in their homes because it brightens up spaces, affords creativity and utilizes what would have been empty space. However, a lot of people take it much farther than that. The first image in this post is what I would call a little overboard, but it is still cool to look at, regardless of whether or not I would live there. Here are some other images that I think do a good job showing off this aesthetic:

Image courtesy of [2]

Again, one of the things that I like about this aesthetic is how it works well in tandem with many different aesthetics and design styles. In all of these images, there are super different styles, yet they leverage indoor plants in similar ways. Also there is something pretty relaxing about watering plants as well as not killing them.


References & Image sources:

[1] Image courtesy of @APlantyPlace on Instagram. Link to post.

[2] Image courtesy of @AriumBotanicals on Instagram. Link to post.


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  • I am a plant collector with over 300 plants in my room alone. Therefore I think it is hilarious that you consider the skylight to be overdoing it a little. 🙂 Plants have such a fabulous way of making a space feel like a home and less sterile. I have come to really appreciate how each plant grows in its own unique way thus adding quirk to a space. It makes me terribly sad however to walk into a space where the plant looks fabulous but it is in the wrong environments for its needs.

    • Peter Armstrong
      January 27, 2020 3:51 pm

      It certainly goes to show that within what would probably be considered a fairly narrow field, we all have totally different ideas of the same thing! Do you have a favorite one?

  • As a plant lover, I absolutely love this aesthetic. There are multiple scientific studies that support the claim that indoor plants increase productivity, concentration, and happiness. Given a lot of these studies are subjective, but I still buy into it. On a slightly different note, have you considered how living walls and/or urban gardening would play into this aesthetic? Lastly, would you consider yourself a “plant mom” (

    • Peter Armstrong
      January 27, 2020 3:46 pm

      Haha I don’t think that I meet the requirements of a “plant mom” but I do check some of the boxes. And I agree, it may be subjective, but the presence of plants does seem to just help things!

      For the plant walls or living walls, I’m a huge fan of them. There was a photo that I was going to post with this, but it was buried in my camera roll. I think that terrariums also somewhat fit into this aesthetic.


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