Upcycle Inspiration – Folding Table

For my upcycling project, I draw inspiration from my day-to-day need of a folding table. This table has various functionalities and is used for a wide variety of applications. I have decided to draw ideas from the readily available products in the market and to further modify it in a way that it addresses many more user needs. I will go through the required aesthetic and ergonomic aspects for the table and create a mini model for the same. The material that I will be mostly using would be either cardboard or scrap plywood as the prototypes for such products are created in the same way before being actually put into manufacturing. The aspects that I would be considering is placement of laptop, separate holder for cell phones, charging cable holder, recline angle and weight.

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  • Hi, Sarthak,

    I like your idea of making a folding table! It sounds super functional, and I could totally use one myself as well? I think in terms of your choice of material for the prototype, something dense and has thickness like the plywood that you are talking about would be a good choice. As for the idea that you want to making a reclinable, then maybe you can refer to the design such as the side table in this graph: https://tshop.r10s.jp/pikaiti-kagu/cabinet/00471325/5-510.jpg?fitin=330:330 I think there are slots on the back for adjusting the height of the table, and maybe you can go with a similar design to make your table reclinable.

    Anyway, good luck on your project!


  • Hey, Sarthak! I love the idea! I think the integration of the folding mechanism is going to be a fun one to work on and figure out! I would encourage you to think about how you want to finish the material when you’ve completed the table as plywood can be difficult to get nice if that’s what you’re going for. Otherwise, I think this will be a cool project! Good luck!


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