Upcycle Inspiration Metal Spoons and Lighting


For this project I wanted to utilize light in a way that engages with the audience. When brainstorming I came across a metal spoon, I came across its beautiful curved nature and reflective surface. From here, I thought about the form of the spoon, more particularly the head. Spoons have a particular bent nature that is under appreciated and overlooked. This had me wondering how a spoon should be viewed, from above looking below, or by the side, or face on? When exploring this idea, the notion came upon me that the best way to view this curved nature is from face on, in the reflection you see how things become distorted. From here, I decided it was time to find a way to add multiple spoons.

With multiple spoons, I had to decide which part of the spoon will be used, and how so. To begin I had to consider which part of the spoon shall be manipulated. I found bending them in into a varied shapes helps give the rigid spoon more life. I decided to follow this structure and began experimenting with how organic I can make the spoons when paired with each other. I find inspiration from free hanging lighting that retains very odd and organic forms. I appreciate how our common assumptions of light get skewed when introduced to odd and abstract lighting.

From here, it is now up to considering lighting. I want the light to give focus to the spoons and not detract focus from the spoons. Ideally I would like the light source to be centered, emanating outward into the spoons, causing them to all shimmer in a different way. With the light source being reflected throughout the spoon structure, it helps the viewer appreciate the odd distortions as well as mimicking the light source. This in turn creates an aesthetic that brings life into something once thought as a simple eating tool.


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  • Hey Benjamin,
    I like the overall idea of your project. It fits the aesthetic that many modern light fixtures have. It seems like you might need a lot of metal spoons for your project. How do you plan on getting them?

  • I like the idea of playing with light. What aesthetic will this project fit it with? I think it would be really interesting to mess with different shapes you can create with the spoons and how that would work with the light. Would something 3D work better or 2D?


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