Aesthetics Game 2020: Novelty Roadside Architecture and Coat Hangers

Group members: Justin Engbrecht (myself), Patrick Bodine-Ellison, and Benjamin Robles

For the Aesthetics Game this semester conducted by guest lecturer Dr. Greg Whiting, our table received the object “Coat hanger” and the aesthetic “Novelty Architecture / Roadside Vernacular Architecture”. We initially had no idea what this aesthetic was, and had to google it to find that it is exemplified by massive, kitschy roadside attractions and businesses, like Inglewood CA’s famous Randy’s Donuts designed by Henry J. Goodwin.

Shown below as Figure 1 was my personal brainstorming sketches of what the combination of our assigned object and aesthetic might look like, while Figure 2. below shows what we decided upon as a group to best exemplify the combination.

Figure 1. My brainstorming of what combining coat hangers and roadside vernacular architecture might look like.


Figure 2. What we designed together as a group for concepts combining our assigned object and aesthetic.





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