Summing Up 2020

It certainly was an eventful semester. I learned a ton about how aesthetics influences our everyday lives. Additionally, this course showed me the societal divide between the arts and engineering, and I made my best effort over the semester to bridge the gap and incorporate both artistry and engineering within my projects. In future personal and professional projects, I hope to use the wealth of knowledge from this course.


A chronological list of all prior blog posts is included and linked below. Together these posts chronicle my process designing and fabricating my Upcycle and Main Projects and my reflection on course material over the course of the semester:


Aesthetic Exploration 2020: Retrofuturism


Upcycle Inspiration 2020: Pocket-Sized Sketchpad


Aesthetics Game 2020: Novelty Roadside Architecture and Coat Hangers


Upcycle Progress 2020: Pocket-Sized Sketchpad


Upcycle Final Report 2020: Pocket-Sized Sketchpad


Main Project Inspiration 2020: Desk/Table Lamp


Main Project Aesthetics 2020: Desk Lamp


Top 5 Constraints 2020: Desk Lamp


Design Review 2020 Part 1: Desk Lamp


Design Review 2020 Part 2: Desk Lamp


Favorite Youtube Design/Build Videos: Mark Rober


Aesthetic Roots 2020: Modern/Futuristic Geometric Desk Lamp


Main Project Construction Update 2020: Desk Lamp


Final Report Part 1 2020: Desk Lamp


Final Report Part 2 2020: Desk Lamp




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