Design Game: Harley Davidson + Snowblower

In class, we selected an aesthetic and an object from a hat. As a team, we brainstormed ways to combine the two. Team: Danny Straub, Sarthak Bal, Will Tse, and Max Armstrong

Our team drew the Harley Davidson aesthetic and a Snowblower as the object. We thought this was a good pair because they both have that torquey aesthetic. We tossed around a few ideas such as making a snowblower look like a motorcycle or adding a snowblower to a motorcycle. We decided to go with the latter. From here, we each sketched our own concept whether the snow was drawn in from the bottom of the bike or the front of it. The snow could then exit through the exhaust of the bike (obviously there are flaws with this from an engineering perspective). Here are a few ideas of what this could look like:

Motorcycle with the snowblower on the front, snow comes out the exhaust. The snowblower is studded similar to biker’s leather jackets.



This concept intakes snow from the bottom
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