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The latest update with my upcycle project comes as I have decided on a design and purpose for my scheme. I have decided that I’m going to go with the rug idea as the other directions might be better options for a main project sometime. After doing some research on different styles of mats and rugs, I’ve decided on one of two options. I’ve included images of both in this post and hope to go with the more unique braided option, although I have some concerns about it not laying flat. I will begin the process of the braid later this week so I can be on schedule with the upcoming due date. I’m very excited to see it come together and be able to use it, as well as to hear everyone’s thoughts on the finished product!


Ocean Plat Paternities – https://justalittlefurther.com/just-a-little-further/the-blue-view/blue-view-recycling-old-line-into-ocean-plait-mats


Spiral Pattern – https://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/handmade/how-to-make-a-rope-rug
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  • Davis Robertson
    February 9, 2020 2:54 pm

    Hi Davis, this is a very unique project. How big do you plan to make the rug? I agree with Justin about the Ocean Plat design. How do you plan on securing it all together? Regardless I cant wait to see the outcome.

    Also you have a cool name 😉

    • What up, Davis. I’m hoping to make it a little smaller than a regular doormat but am not completely sure how large it will end up being at this point. It will end up depending on how much rope it takes and how I can figure out how to scale the dimensions of the template I’m using. We shall see I guess is the best answer I can give!

  • Justin Engbrecht
    February 7, 2020 12:46 pm

    Hello Davis. Looks like an excellent plan for this project, and the featured image design reminds me a lot of Celtic knots. If you are looking for any more inspiration on design variations, you should look them up. I prefer the featured image “Ocean Plat” design to the “Spiral Pattern” design, though it does look like it will be more challenging to fabricate. If you do proceed with the Ocean Plat design, are you planning to lay out posts or pins like shown in your featured image to properly place the rope section within the rug? Maybe adding even more posts will make it easier to secure the rope section precisely how you want it.

    • Appreciate the comment, Justin! Yeah, I like the Plat design better as well. I do think I will create some kind of nail outline that I can weave the rope through although putting too many nails in could make it really hard to actually weave once it’s going. Maybe I could take it off of the nails after a couple of iterations and finish it without the template as it shouldn’t be too hard to follow after that. We’ll see I guess!


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