Upcycle Progress: Mosaics

For my mosaic project, I have decided to create four different pieces that symbolize the four classical elements. I think this directly represents the meaning behind the project, and by using recycled materials we are bringing awareness to the mass amounts of materials that are being wasted daily. With the big topic of climate change and environmental awareness in society today, I think this is a really cool way to create art resembling the core elements of the environment.

The pieces will be created on four frames I have found, and compiled with cement and broken glass from old bottles, glasses, pottery, etc. I have most of my material and the design for them set. I have started on one of the mosaics, and am realizing it will take longer than I expected so I’m hoping to get much more work on it before this weekend and do the final touches then!

These images are depictions of the gradients I will represent in my mosaics, and how they are directly related to the four elements.

Water Element


Earth Element


Fire Element


Air Element



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  • Hailee,

    I really like this idea of turning old colorful pieces into this new form of art. I also like the natural base earth aesthetic you are achieving with the four different color groups. I am interested in how you plan on arranging these pieces, are you going to have them all side by side, individually presented, or in a 2×2 format?

    • Hailee Pritchard
      February 11, 2020 10:40 pm

      Hey Austin,
      Thanks for the comment! I ended up using a platform a teacher gave me that is about 2ft x 2ft. I was planning on having them all individual, but i ended up putting all of the glass pieces I had on the same board. 🙂


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