Upcycle Progress: A Tribute to Ovechkin

For my progress report, most of my efforts have been in the theoretical design, as well as determining the minimal amount of beer cans necessary to create the structure without collapse. I have determined this number to be 62 total cans, shown in my sketches below. Since this is a massive amount of beer it will take me awhile to achieve said number of empty. I might have to enlist the help of a few trustworthy friends to help me in this endeavor. The chalice will be a simple mixing bowl, and the base a serving tray recycled from a local restaurant.

Figure 1. Main sketch design of can layout and cost estimate

While the project has yet to take physical shape, now that the framework has been defined, it will be a short while until this majestic trophy to Ovechkin is complete.

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  • Zach, I love that you are pursuing this for your upcycle project. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to show tribute to the king. What are the average dimensions of this trophy? I like that you are using a recycle tray from a restaurant and I wish you best of luck in finishing those beers! Hopefully you received a helping hand or two..

  • Nathaniel Wang
    February 9, 2020 9:00 pm

    I hope that your project is taking shape and that your liver is holding up. You can always reach out on slack if you need assistance in disposing of some beer. Good work on laying out the design before assembly. I think that will save you some time. My question is what kind of beer cans are you using for your design, and what are the rough overall dimensions of the trophy once this is complete?

    • Nate,

      Thank you for the constructive comments! This is quite the undertaking along so I appreciate your offer to help! If not possible The beer will simply be poured down the drain. I am using regular 12 oz bud light cans, and as for the dimensions I now have to re-calculate now that I have the actual metal base tray! Thanks again I appreciate your help,


  • Kyle Neubarth
    February 9, 2020 5:27 pm

    I think the whole “beer cup” idea is a hilariously college appropriate project. However, I feel like there are a lot of questions that are unanswered here. Are the cans going to be altered in some way, or just glued together? Your sketch could use a side-view of the chalice, as I had to look at your previous post to figure out what was going on. The upcycle-iness also seems kind of questionable. You’re going to drink a bunch of beers, then use a regular mixing bowl and serving tray. These materials don’t really seem “upcycled” (except perhaps for the tray, which might otherwise only be used once?).

    • Kyle.

      First off, before you start to poke holes in other student’s projects make sure you are not guilty yourself of said accusation. One could make the observation that your project is simply cutting up brand new trading cards to make a poster. not much “upcycled” material to be found there. For my project, the nature of using items from Goodwill is in of itself use of a recycled material seeing as I am reusing items others have discarded. Secondly, I would think one would first seek to understand take action, rather than use this forum to demean another student’s project. This response is neither out of aggression nor instigation, but disappointment in your candor and professionalism. If you cannot provide constructive comments on my project, reserve your opinions for elsewhere.

      • Zach,

        I’m sorry for the tone of my post, when I go on autopilot I focus on the questions that I ask myself when viewing a post. This is similar to what I do when evaluating my own work, and while I usually use this method as pressure to improve, it comes off as excessively negative in an external setting. The problematic portion you comment on is the section when I question where the materials come from, and despite the connotation you answer it perfectly. You use goodwill, and other discarded materials. That is essentially what I would be looking for in your post. The reason I brought it up was that I couldn’t find that information and was questioning it. In answer to your comments about my project there are some cards that I will use that are worth something, but the majority of the cards used are recycled from other people’s collections(IE every card used behind that card). My hope is that you don’t take my comments personally, but in reflection it makes perfect sense that you did. I’ll try and factor this into future comments I make.


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