Upcycle Progress: Two-Way Wallet

My two-way leather wallet is well under way. For the wallet’s materials, I acquired a leather purse from goodwill and got some pretty strange looks from the cashiers… This purse had nice leather, however was a little lighter than I was hoping. I took the purse apart and drew out the template for each side of the wallet. I decided to include the piece of the purse that had a zipper, because that will allow for a coin pocket. I cut out the pieces, folded each piece, and sewed the far side on each. I found a piece of plastic remnant in the laser cutting room of the ITLL which will serve to stiffen the wallet. I cut 4 sections of the purse’s strap and placed those in the necessary configuration. All that I have left to do is sew the other side of the straps to connect the two pieces together. I may also stain the wallet, but that will depend on the time. So far the wallet isn’t terrible, but I’ve quickly learned that I need to brush up more on my sewing skills (or lack-there-of) for the next one I make…

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  • Hey Davis,
    Your design looks very practical and has all the required aspects. The idea of using a zipper is definitely handy. Reinforcing the wallet with plastic is definitely a smart idea. Excited to see the final product.

  • Davis,
    I really like your idea of using the zipper of the purse in your wallet design! Also leather working is not easy at all and I am impressed with your design, smart to use the plastic to make it more stiff. Does the piece on the right open up? or are the cards/money held with the two leather straps?


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