Upscale Progress: Cardboard Cards

So, as it goes I decided to change the direction of my upscale project. I had originally planned to manufacture my own wooden beads using the wood lathe in the ITLL, however this proved to to not align with the purpose of this project as well as I had originally hoped. First, the quality of wood needed to make small, proper wooden beads is extremely high. Specific kinds of wood are necessary, and these were unfortunately not available in the ITLL as scrap wood. In order to obtain the necessary wood, I would have needed to purchase my own, which would have defeated the purpose of being an upcycle project.

Second, the wood lathe available in the ITLL is not meant for such small parts. Rather, this is a machine purposed for high functioning, engineering manufacturing and would thus be extremely difficult to set up and carry-out the proper technique.

I digress. My current plan is to utilize the bountiful amount of cardboard that has been building up at my apartment. I believe this is more geared towards the core of this project (upcycling) and will prove to be a more reasonable direction. I love to paint, therefore I think creating thank you cards out of cardboard and using oil paints to add color and designs will be a fun way to both use material that could potentially end up in a landfill, and give back to friends and family that I am thankful for.

This may serve more as an Upcycling Inspiration Post 2.0, but I think that this will be a better directino for me to take this project. I’m going to try and make a few different types of cards, and I’m excited to present some of my different designs. I’m going to try and experiment with sewing together different types of cardboard to attempt a folding mechanism, and have a few different websites to spark my inspiration that can be seen below.

I’m excited to spend some time doing art and apply the sketching techniques we’ve learned in class to oil painting. I starting painting using water colors and have progressed to using oil paints and have appreciated the challenges that they bring. We’ll how well the paint works on cardboard; I may have to incorporate some of my sketching paper as an initial background.


I’m excited to see where this takes me!


Picture links:

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  • Hi Emily,

    I think the cardboard idea is great. It may be difficult to fold cardboard, unless it’s cardstock. You could look into laser engraving to see if it folds well. Perhaps you could use twine to fold the cardboard together like a traditional card. Have you tested oil paint on the cardboard?

    If you want to, you could also mix your media by using oils and the laser engraver. I’m excited to see where you go with this. Good luck!

  • Hi Emily! I think you made the right decision to change directions, and I really like the direction you’ve chosen. My question for you is do you have the right kind of cardboard? Most of those cards are made out of brown cardstock rather than cardboard. I would think that it would be annoying to try to fold a thicker cardboard into a card.


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