Main Project Inspiration – Steampunk Headphone Stand

For my main project, I would really like to cater to one of my very basic needs, an organizer for my headphones and earphones. It is a pain to keep them around in my room as I don’t have a particular space or shelf assigned for that. I draw inspiration from the Steampunk aesthetic as well as it would really give my headphone stand a great look and would be an amazing addition to my furniture in my bedroom. I looked up for some ideas online and here is something my product should look like. I hope to find the desired raw materials required for the stand and come up with a good product in the end.

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  • Christopher Lehr
    April 28, 2020 2:40 pm


    I am curious to see how well this turns out simply because steampunk is actually a really challenging style to do even though it may appear easy at first!

  • Will you try to make the stand look like something or look like the picture above? I think it would be really interesting to make it look like an object when I think of steam punk I think of gears so to have the stand look like a gear part would be really interesting.

    • Hi Kaiya, I am planning to add more steampunk elements into it, like gears and the base of the whole design would be a steampunk skull. But yes, the overall design might just revolve around the design seen above.

  • Sarthak-

    I like this idea a lot. I personally have needed a headphone stand for a while, but can’t find any that I like visually, and I am a big fan of the steampunk aesthetic. Just a stand is probably not ambitious enough for the main project, but If you added an Edison bulb like in your source, or some other dynamic aspect I think it would make a great project. Remember that there needs to be a moving part to our projects.


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