Main Project Inspirations 2020: Dynamic Wire Frame Sculpture

Continuing on with the general idea from my upcycle project;

During the fabrication process of the previous sculpture, I actually really enjoyed working with the chicken wire frame – both in terms of manipulating it into a form I desire, as well as the intricacy and detail a wire frame can offer. I also have a lot of leftover wire frame from the upcycling project, so I think I should be able to make do with about 20m of chicken wire frame. In terms of the aesthetic I want to go for, I was thinking of doing something similar to a contemporary style or aesthetic again – similar to my upcycling project. I also want to err more towards something surreal or not necessarily similar to life. I think that generally, the aesthetic of the bare wires is actually quite pleasing, so moving forward I will try to derive inspiration from similar wire sculptures, shown below:

‘Kneeling Angel’ by Richard Stainthorp


‘Fiction 2012’ by Moto Waganari
‘Great Horned Owl’ by Ruth Jensen

There’s a level of intricacy and intertwining that is hard to capture in other mediums besides this wire-frame type of sculpture, so I think the material will lend itself to a dynamic aspect very well. In terms of a moving part or something that will be changing over time, I was thinking of using some kind of motor or servo to shift aspects of the sculpture, whether that be wings, a body part, facial movement, etc. The movement I’m envisioning so far is similar to those Christmas deer decorations that bob their heads up and down.

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  • Kevin, I really like what you are going for especially since it is kind of building off your upcycle project. I can definitely see that high level of intricacy involved when fabricating. best of luck to you! I think what would be really cool as well is maybe incorporating some simple lights in the frame that can potentially change the mood of the sculpture depending on the lights that are displayed. Just a thought.

  • Abdulrahman Nashawi
    February 23, 2020 9:09 pm

    Hello Kevin! I like how you are taking your upcycling project idea to the next level. I was surprised during your presentation to hear “chicken wire frame” as it is something that is very strange, in a good way, and hard to think of. I think making a sculpture would look really cool but I think you have to pay close attention to details to master your sculpture. Have you thought about painting some/all parts of your sculpture? I think adding matt dark colors would give it a luxurious look, but of course, it is all up to you after all. Good luck!

  • Kevin, I think that the wire itself gives a certain flow of a sculpture made out of it just like you said. This can be incredible, especially if it is well thought. Did you have any plans for how you would do this? If so please explain. Is there specific ways to do this (like defined ways how many people do this)? Or is it a relatively hard thing to find resources on? What are you going to design?


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