Main Project Inspiration: Octopus laser cut

For the inspiration for my main project I looked to what my favorite things are. I wanted to really like what I’m creating since I’d be working on it for so long. That’s when I came to the octopus, I have always been fascinated by their tentacles, ability to camouflage, and ability to essentially shape shift so they can fit into tiny crevices.

I then thought how am I going to make this. I settled on using laser cutters instead of 3D printing. I then asked should I slice it to build off each other of make the piece look 3D using 2D laser cut parts. For the dynamic aspect I will use lights to have glowing tentacles that change color like camouflage. The below picture is the same general technique I will use to create the octopus

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  • Kaiya, since I’m going with a similar idea for laser cutting, the lattice of slices used to make the 3d octopus is interesting. I especially like the dynamic lighting part of the project, it reminds me of the big tree with a face that used to be in ATLAS. I wonder if you could use that as a frame, and use some fabric to create a “skin” that spans the surface. That way you could see the lights reflect against the surface of the fabric for a warm, glowy effect.

  • Hi Kaiya! This looks like a great idea for the main project. Will some pieces move or will they all be stationary? Implementing some sort of way for the tentacles to move could be neat! I am excited to see the final result.

  • This looks awesome, are the pieces going to come apart, like a 3D puzzle? I love the idea of LED lights, especially since there are so many insane aspects of octopuses, including glow-in-the-dark and neon colors.


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