Main Project – Aesthetics (Steampunk Headphone Stand)

For my main project, I decided to work on a headphone stand as I drew inspiration from my day-to day needs. If I am building something, I would rather want to build that would cater to one of my needs. To start with different types of stands, I came across the minimalist aesthetic and the human figure aesthetic.

Minimalist Aesthetic Headphone Stand [1]

Human Figure Aesthetic [2]

But none of these designs actually intrigued me much to dig in further and research about the same. So I moved ahead from there and came across the steampunk aesthetic for the headphone stand. So as I have decided, I’ll be using a steampunk skull as the base of the stand. It will be mounted on a wooden plank, along with a steampunk fan at the base. The steampunk fan will consist of three edison bulbs as the core. Building from the skull, I will be using steampunk pipe fittings with a edison bulb on top and similar pipe fittings on the side acting as arms for the headphones. This aesthetic really impressed me by its visual appeal and I really wanted a product that I could build and keep in my work space.

Sketch for Main Project

The list of the materials I will be using are seen above in the pictures. I will be starting to procure materials soon and hopefully start building right away. Any suggestions are welcome  regarding the product.



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  • Paul Tapsall
    March 5, 2020 12:37 pm

    Hi Sarthak, I like all the unique ideas you found to create a headphone stand. I think that the steampunk aesthetic would go really well with this project and it could even be upcycled from old pipe fixtures! Some of your example include light while others do not, would you plan on having a light source in your project as well?

  • Noah Verspohl
    March 2, 2020 12:00 am

    I like how you plan to incorporate so many aspect of the steampunk culture into your project. All of these aspects will form a truly unique headphone stand. Do you plan to paint the pipe and fitting black or do they come in that color off the shelf?


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