Main Project Aesthetics 2020: Disc Golf Cart

After thinking about my main project inspirations I wanted to come up with an aesthetic that fits with me personally and something that I can appreciate after a long time of usage. One of the big things in my life is that I am in ROTC and will have a job in the air force coming out of college. so for my first option I decided to have the side panels of the disc golf cart be camouflage. The reason why I want to make my own and not just by one that is already sold is two fold; one is that the carts normally sell for around $200 and I believe that I could make one better for much cheaper. Also, having to build my own, I would have pride in my work and would be able to personalize it as much as I want. The carts also do not have any dyanmic element to it which I need to have.

Option 1: Camo

This picture is from ( who is a company that specializes in disc golf and its carts. I really like this but for my project I am thinking I will have the side panels be dynamic in some sense, whether it be a small interactive screen, some dynamic back lighting etc. But for the first aesthetic option would be camouflage for the cart.

Option 2: American

Another aspect of my life is that I am incredibly proud to be an american; my whole life my favorite holiday was fourth of July (besides Christmas). My grandfather, as well as my father both served in the military and I have always given them the upmost respect. I would love to show that side of me on my disc golf cart. Pictured below is a cart sold by dynamic discs that has american flag fabric. Link:

Option 3: Wood

I have always loved the outdoors and I love the rustic, wood aestheitc. This also fits into the sport itself well. Ideally, I would have wooden side panels with some sort of back lighting to it. Pictured below is the look that I am going for which is from Link:

These are my three main aesthetic options: American, Camo, and rustic wood. Let me know what you are thinking, and if you have any specific ideas for adding a dynamic element.

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  • Hi Joseph,

    I think the alternate designs are fine. They are very personal which I think is great. I see you’re asking for some dynamic element. Is it possible that you could make the cart have a way to move the discs towards the top and make it easier to grab? It’d be difficult, but it would be consideration.

    Best of luck,

    Justin Lim


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