Final Project Aesthetic: Modernism

For my final project, I have been really struggling with what to define as my aesthetic. I decided to go with minimalism- an art form that came from modernism. The modernism movement is typically known as a period of exploration, rationality, clarity, and purpose. This aesthetic began around the 1900’s, and was driven by passion and industrial activity in society at the time.

Modernism developed out of the Romanticism’s revolt against the Industrial Revolution. This movement hoped to break down the conventional forms of representation, and serve as a criticism to the world’s social order. As the Industrial Revolution continued, the advancement of this aesthetic increased. The idea of everything being progressive inspired this time period.

Around the 1960’s modernism transitioned into forms of Pop Art and Minimalism. Both being a rejection of abstract expressionism, Pop Art focused on famous material and people in culture, and Minimalism eliminated all nonessential aspects of art to focus on one, simple element.

Late modernism movements include many abstract variations of expression, and this movement continues to be the influence of many modern creatives.

I specifically want to focus on minimalism for my sweatshirt, and emphasize the quality of the design and material. The minimalist aesthetic maintains a very clean form of beauty, capturing expression in a very neutral way. I want to accomplish the aesthetic by putting  little to no graphics on the sweatshirt, but still adding something to make it interesting and unique. I am very inspired by this project and this aesthetic because they are so relevant to my lifestyle. I think this will be very challenging for me to complete (I have never sewed before), but I am excited to put the time into learning the steps and putting together a quality piece of clothing.





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  • Christopher Lehr
    April 9, 2020 4:05 pm

    I actually love this idea and I think that the simplicity of it is very nice. I am going most likely have to change my entire final project because I cannot get the materials I need in. This post has now inspired/reminded me of an old idea I had to create my own clothes and so I am going to now do that. I would say that the style you are pushing for is very popular right now and its kinda funny because I just bought two hoodies, one pink and one blue, that have nothing on them.


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