Main Project Inspiration 2020: Epoxy Resin Art


Epoxy resin is a class of reactive prepolymers that when combined with a hardener, molds into a solid plastic.  This resin can react with various other materials, including other epoxy resins to create beautiful works of art.  I have been exposed to epoxy resin during my earlier years at CU Boulder, in my freshman projects class while creating various polymer molds.  Since becoming familiar with epoxy resin, I have been able to notice it in various applications that I never thought would use this adhesive.  With this, I have decided to utilize the aesthetics aspect of epoxy resin art into my main project.

There are endless possibilities of how I can go about this, but I have narrowed them down to the following.

My first idea is an epoxy resin sculpture. This sculpture would utilize epoxy resin and concrete for an oceanic aesthetic.  I have never used concrete before and am not too sure about a definite strategy to go about this, but with the ideas I have as well as some Youtube aid, I think this could come out really cool.



My second idea would be to implement epoxy resin into a table.  There are some examples of this being done with wood, concrete or completely with epoxy.  Ideally I would like to use another material in addition to just epoxy resin, as I do more research I will see which is most ideal for my project.




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  • Hey Paul, I love your project ideas. I think both ideas are really cool and would be extremely pleasing to the eye. I was just wondering how do you plan on fitting your project into a certain aesthetic? Also for the first idea you had, you could try and create a silicon mold to cast your concrete in. Overall, cool ideas!


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