Top 5 constraints

The top 5 constraints of my project would be:

  1. Time: The time for the project by itself is not a lot, not even to mention that fact that we as students may have 4-5 of other projects/assignments for other classes. So there is limited time to devote to the project. Having to deal with it while making the final product looks somehow polished would be a big challenge.
  2. Resource: Resource wise, it’s just a general term that includes the limit of time, budget, and skillset. How to maximize the result with the limited resource is constant something that we need to deal with.
  3. Budget: If I have enough of a big budget, it may be really cool to get a customized mold and have the prototype phone case to be manufactured in a factory, but I’m just a college kid, so… I’ll see what I can do with my budget.
  4. Skillset: Despite that I do have some sort of experience in fabricating the ideas, like I did 3D printing, laser cutting, wood shop training, those kinds of hands on things. However, often in time, that I am still have a hard time in fabrication process, and it’s really challenging for me to turn my ideas into something that’s tangible and closely matched to my idea. With those being said, I may utilize the help exchange, or I’ll just have to keep on learning more skills and keep practicing fabrication.
  5. And the limitation resulted from aesthetic choice of minimalism would be to simplifying the design yet maintaining it in such a way that it can still express my idea of encouraging people to put down their phone.

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  • Victoria Rios
    March 9, 2020 12:04 am

    Hi Xiang!
    I am super excited for seeing how you chose to make this project! I definitely recommend utilizing the 3D printer or laser cutter even just to build a prototype. If you need help with digital fabrication I’m in Form this semester and I can help you model to scale an IPhone case on Rhino. Also, I think the minimalism aesthetic can be achieved by sticking with one color, or sticking with one shape to build your texture.

  • Xiang, as for the time I recommend making yourself a general timeline/make mini-due dates for this project to keep yourself on task. Also, just let me know if you need any help with fabrication, I love using the laser-cutter and 3d printer!


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