Main Project Top 5 Constraints


  1. Engineering Ability]
    1. When it comes to building things I have always enjoyed tinkering. However, when it comes to applying a tinker’s mentality to an engineers point of view, the ability in understanding changes. I don’t work well with numbers, and models, and generally anything that a logical engineer would do. I have always been both conceptual and impractical when creating. I find the raw process to be more meaningful than the technical process. For this project I really need to work closely with myself and others to take a more technical approach given Im creating something more complicated than expected. 
  2. Material Collection and Choice
    1. For this project, the materials as seen in references are pretty straightforward and easy to figure out. From videos, I can make out all needed material and even estimate size and amount of material used. For this project I have to make the decision on which external parts would not only work but would be best. After consulting some of my friends who are more knowledgeable on electronic parts, I can move forward with collecting everything needed to start building. 
  3. Construction Method
    1. This is not much a constraint but more of a given part of the building process. Having the thought process of construction will ultimately be translated differently when working on the physical creation process. I am expecting a number of trial and error points along this project, and having to find interesting ways to work around unseen problems. This is also an area I enjoy, because the solutions for unseen problems can sometimes be worked through odd means of working, of which I enjoy.
  4. Programming Dynamic Element
    1. Once the physical project is made, I need to work programming via arduino to make the magic happen. I am not a big programmer or electronic expert, so for this I am going to consult and work with others who know better to work through the problems that I need overcome to bring this project to life. I hope through this process I can learn how to progress the project further in the future if I choose to make alterations or different variations. 
  5. Originality and Aesthetics
    1. As cliche as it is, I did not ideate this project out of thin air. I saw this project done simply by scrolling through youtube. However, I found the project to be interesting enough and challenging enough to create. The constraint I see is finding a way to take the work of others and adapt into a new unique piece that holds some independence. I often think that art or things that are created are mere adaptation of other things, and so for this project I want to respect that principle.
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  • I really like little light ornaments, they’re always super cool.
    If you’re going to be working with clear acrylic, that’d be awesome! However, this also reminds me quite a bit of paper lanterns, and for prototyping, that’s something that might be able to be use for the cover!

  • Daniel Straub
    March 4, 2020 11:14 am

    Benjamin, I think this idea could be really cool. I love little desk ornaments like this. What material is the outer cube made of? How big will it be? Will it rotate? I can absolutely help you with the Arduino if you need it. Feel free to reach out. I am also happy to help in any other way as well.


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