Top 5 Constraints- Steampunk Headphone Stand

For my main project these are the top 5 constraints –

  1. Design – The design of my project is pretty straightforward, but when it comes to executing it, it’s comparatively difficult. The key challenge for the design is to implement all the design aspects i.e. the skull, the pipes and the bulb. The important things is to balance the whole design towards the center of gravity so that when in use, it does not tilt or bend towards one direction. Another noticeable challenge is to stick to the design, because when I started procuring parts, it is difficult to gather the exact same parts as imagined for the design.
  2. Aesthetic – Aesthetic is undoubtedly a challenge for this project. Steampunk being a diverse aesthetic, there’s a lot you can do but it’s difficult to figure out what to pick and what not to pick to suit your product best. For eg. with my project I have decided to go ahead with the steampunk plumbing and lighting. Keeping this aside, I still have scope for more and I am still figurines out what could possibly make my product look better.
  3. Materials – I am currently in the procurement stage for the materials and I have found most of the parts. However, there are a few challenges, looking for a steampunk plumbing which is antique, looking for fans that can me rebuilt into a steampunk fan, bulb arrangements for Edison bulbs etc. Due to unavailability of cheap materials to build the steampunk fan, I have dropped the idea of the fan and I’m thinking of something that fits the aesthetic and matches my product. Currently I am building the plumbing arrangement and I have procured the wooden base to start working on it.
  4. Time – This is most crucial constraint, because there’s a fixed timeline to follow. To save up on time, I have started the building process despite not having all the materials required. I am keeping my fingers crossed, hoping the building process goes on smoothly and I finish the project in time.
  5. Electrical Connectivity – This is not a huge challenge for the project however, it is necessary to keep the aesthetic in mind and ensure that the connections don’t hamper it. The electrical connections are required for the Edison bulb and they should be in such a way that in no way it disturbs the design and the portability whenever the product is shifted.
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  • Miles Radakovitz
    March 8, 2020 8:40 pm

    This is a really cool idea! I think that using pipes would really help fit the steampunk aesthetic especially if you could use brass piping which would be readily available! Another thing you could do to add another aesthetic layer is add a chemical based patina to the metal to make it look older.

  • Nicole Leon-Molina
    March 4, 2020 8:37 pm

    You have a really cool concept. I love that you’re pursuing steampunk and yeah, you absolutely right in that you have a lot of variation in that single aesthetic. The piping is wise and the Edison bulb is going to look awesome! My one suggestion is to try to have a wooden base that matches the aesthetic nicely. I see in the inspiration example from the photo the piece of wood it stands on doesn’t really fit. Perhaps if you go with dark pipes, a darker more rustic piece of wood will be a better match.
    Best of luck Sarthak!


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