Main Project 2020 Plans and Alternatives: Epoxy Resin Art


In my last post, I discussed that I would like to utilize epoxy resin for my project.  The context for the epoxy resin would be in the form of a sculpture or a table that would interact with concrete.    The first step for me is learning how to work with concrete, and epoxy resin.  I am quite familiar with the epoxy resin set up and execution but I will have to do additional research on how to make and form concrete.

For this project I am looking for a modernist aesthetic.  Concrete and solid colors fit into that aesthetic when looking at modern houses, paintings, etc.

This is my general design plan for the epoxy sculpture:

If this project becomes problematic, my second idea (alternative) would be to make a table with epoxy resin and concrete.  The first step would be to make a mold for the table, then mix and evenly spread the concrete into the mold.  Once the mold is dried and removed, we break the concrete slab in half, resulting in rugged edges along the concrete.  From there we make a frame and start the process to pour the epoxy resin.  The frame would look like the picture below:

After this is complete, I would create a backing for the epoxy to rest on and pour in the epoxy.  Overall, I would like to use both concrete and epoxy resin because I like how they compliment each other and bring a modernistic aesthetic compared to wood.  If this becomes out of my scope after talking to the head of different build shops on campus, I will use wood instead.




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  • Brooke Shade
    May 3, 2020 4:40 pm

    Neutral Question: What aesthetic does this fit into? I love this idea! I think it looks so organic, intricate, and beautiful. I could see this fitting in nicely with a number of different aesthetics, including minimalism, rustic, and modern!


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