Top 5 Constraints

To get everyone up to speed: I’m hoping to develop music visualizations through fractals using python3. I’m hoping to generate various types of fractals.

There exist a variety of constraints related to video editing:

  1. Music synchronization. This is probably my  largest concern related to this project. I am currently able to output images at a given frame per second, but this does not translate well to beats per minute. In more complicated tracks, the time signature is dynamic
  2. Editing. I’ve never used Adobe After Effects before and know there will be quite the learning curve. I know that ATLAS computers have this software available, so this may also be a constraint as I won’t be able to get it on my personal laptop.
  3. Complex fractals. I’m not sure how complex I’ll be able to get; I may have to re-scope on this end. I’ve started, and so far it’s a bit harder than I was expecting. Also, making sure that I have enough variation in my fractals to make an interesting project.
  4. Time. Coding in python and researching fractals will just be the half of it. Piecing .mp4s together is going to be incredibly time consuming. Additionally, I’m pretty busy with other courses and work so I’m worried that I won’t end up prioritizing this work. Time management is going to be super important so that I’m not cramming to finish editing the day before my presentation.
  5. Communicating with artists. I don’t want to just “rip from Youtube,” therefore I’m going to need to reach out to local/growing artists. I have a few friends that I think will be able to contribute, but some are international, so I’m not sure how quickly this turnover will be.


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  • Jamie Frankel
    April 15, 2020 9:20 pm

    Hey Emily getting music to line up is really hard. You can try editing the music in sections as you can fade, speed up and slow down the beat in most basic software!


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