Top 5 Constraints: Reading table

1: Stability

Nothing irritates me more than a wobbly table, if the table I made was wobbly there is a good chance I would not use it. To combat this I will use 3 legs giving it a stable base. I plan on using pipe for the legs and because of this there are plenty of methods of securing pipe to a flat surface without having to make significant changes.

2: Industrial chic aesthetic

Especially going off of the last project I found I really enjoy the industrial chic aesthetic. It is simple, easy to produce, and visually pleasing. For this project it means I generally want to stick to dark colors for the wood, either by using stain or by using dark wood if I happen to get lucky enough to find a piece like that. I will also be using black steel for the piping for the legs. This will fit well with the other pieces of furniture located around my room.

3: Movable light

Image result for reading lamp

I do not have lighting over my bed and I when reading it would be very useful to have something that can reach over my bed. I have not yet measured it out, but I want the arm to be in two pieces that can either be folded on itself to hold the light more or less at lamp height, or bend and swing over so it can be centered over my bed. I plan on making this mechanism myself.

4: Size

I do not want anything particularly large table that takes up a ton of space. I want the table itself to be roughly 2′ in diameter and stand roughly 3′ tall. This would give my enough space to hold my books, wallet keys, and phone without being so large that it would accumulate random crap. It would also be short enough that I could see over it to watch tv.

5: Profile

Image result for stump table

I really want to make the table have a circular profile. This would ideally be achieved by using a cross section of a tree for the surface. I don’t know yet, however, if this will be possible or if the sawmills around the area would be willing to do this. In the event of this not being possible, I will get wood and use glue and claps to create a flat surface that I will cut into a circular shape.



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  • Davis Butte
    March 9, 2020 9:16 am

    Really cool idea! It looks like you have a great understanding of the issues you might face as you work on this project! I think for the stability aspect, as long as you ensure the material used for the legs are all the same length and it’s placed on level ground, you won’t have too much trouble. Excited to see how this turns out, though! Good luck!

  • Hannah Walsh
    March 8, 2020 10:11 pm

    This seems very thought out, and that you’re able to combat every constraint. Are you against the idea of using a piece of wood (or other material) as the base, and pipes can be attached above it? that way you’re sure to have stability.


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