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When I had first started thinking of inspiration for this project, I wanted to work with something I enjoy and am passionate about. I started thinking about all of the opportunity behind clothing, and how you can make a piece of clothing out of really any material if you design and construct it right. So, for this project I’m going to be designing and constructing a sweatshirt, and maybe a collection of clothing (tee shirt, sweatpants, etc).

With my major being advertising, I am constantly getting to know new brands and learning what is popular in our modern culture. Right now, there is a huge trend of brands releasing very basic, staple hoodies. Even higher end brands, like Supreme, Aime Leon Dore, and Balenciaga are tapping into this trend. I think it would be really fun and an interesting process to find the fabric, create the design, possibly add design, and sew together my own sweatshirt. I would like this project to look cool, feel comfortable, and fit well, but I would be satisfied if it wasn’t perfect because this is my first time trying anything like this.

I want to achieve an overall basic, modern, sleek aesthetic. It will like be analogous colors and have minimal design features.


Minimalism: I decided to go with a minimalist aesthetic for this project, primarily because of the inspiration this movement sparked.

Minimalism came out of modernism. The modernism movement is typically known as a period of exploration, rationality, clarity, and purpose. This aesthetic began around the 1900’s, and was driven by passion and industrial activity in society at the time. Minimalism eliminated all nonessential aspects of art to focus on one, simple element.

I specifically want to focus on minimalism for my sweatshirt, and emphasize the quality of the design and material. The minimalist aesthetic maintains a very clean form of beauty, capturing expression in a very neutral way. I want to accomplish the aesthetic by putting  little to no graphics on the sweatshirt, but still adding something to make it interesting and unique. I am very inspired by this project and this aesthetic because they are so relevant to my lifestyle. I think this will be very challenging for me to complete (I have never sewed before), but I am excited to put the time into learning the steps and putting together a quality piece of clothing.


The design of my sweatshirt will follow the measurements and layout of one of my favorite hoodies. I will use this to trace five different sections for the sweatshirt- the back, front, sleeves, pocket, and hood. I will then sew these pieces together (inside out, so when flipped you cannot see the seams). Once sewn together, I will add the string to the inside of the hood.


  • 2 1/2 Yards of black, cotton/ polyester fabric
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine & Materials (needle, thread, pins)
  • String for hood
  • Possibly this fabric site –


  • Design process inspiration:
  • Sewing help:


  • March 01:
    • Have inspiration, idea of project, and idea of materials I will need.
    • Begin design and research for my sweatshirt.
  • March 11:
    • Have design process finalized.
    • Have materials list and place of purchase finalized.
    • Order fabric from online seller (by March 19th).
  • March 23:
    • Have all my materials by this date.
    • Begin cutting and sewing “draft” tee shirt.
  • March 26:
    • Have draft tee shirt finished, begin hoodie.
    • Have the fabric cut and prepared by this date.
  • March 30:
    • Hoodie finished.
    • Room for design and aesthetic touches and revisions.


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  • Brooke Shade
    May 3, 2020 4:51 pm

    I love the idea of creating something that you will likely wear! I always find that whenever I sew, I gain a strong appreciation for the clothes that I buy because it is much more difficult than it looks. I also love the idea of doing a minimalist, sleek design. It kind of reminds me of Kanye and the Yeezy clothing line. Were there any particular brands that inspired you?

  • Max Armstrong
    May 3, 2020 11:11 am

    I think that your goal and aesthetics are really well defined! And echoing Hannah and Emi, I think it would be valuable to maybe try and take apart and recombine different sweatshirts. While this may not do well with your minimalism aesthetic, it would be easier to get correctly in terms of sizing and fit.

    Otherwise I think that this could be an interesting project that would also be possible to do at home with a sewing machine. Do you have any plans for what kind of minimalist logo you would like to add to the sweatshirt?

  • I’ve only sewn patches before, but I agree with Emily that a sweatshirt from scratch may be hard (especially with the ITLL sewing department closed for the rest of the semester). I think you should look into some other aesthetics or clothing options (ie vests, ponchos, shirt with a hood), and then if you finish early, you can always ADD more to your project. overall I think this fairly unique, and it’ll be a ton of fun to be able to tell people you made what you’re wearing. Good luck!


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