Top 5 Constraints 2020: Epoxy Resin Art

Here are the constraints for my main project:

  1. Time – The first constraint I need to keep in mind for this project is time.  Both of the materials I am using have lengthy setting and drying times.  Concrete takes 24-48 hours to dry and epoxy resin takes around 72 hours to completely cure.  With the drying times taking an amount of days, I will need to take this into account when scheduling this build.
  2. Cost –  My second constraint is cost.  This will be refined with the types of concrete and resin that I choose.  Concrete price differences will be miniscule among different manufacturers, but the epoxy resin prices can widely vary based on the type of resin that I choose.  This constraint can be minimized by additional research of materials.
  3. Manufacturing – Manufacturing is definitely going to be a prevalent constraint throughout the design and building process.  Since I am quite unfamiliar with the processes of curing epoxy resin and concrete, there will be a lot of additional time used for trial and error as well as Youtube tutorials.
  4. Weight – The finished product is to be compact and pretty dense if it is to hold together.  I need to make sure that the size and density of the materials don’t make my finished product too heavy so I won’t be able to move it.  Though my project deliverable is a sculpture or table, I still want to make it relatively lightweight.
  5. Aesthetic – My final constraint is aesthetic.  When I give this as a constraint, I also mean how tidy the end result will be.  Concrete and epoxy resin can get very messy, and modernist aesthetic contains very clean, defined lines.  I will need to be extra careful when assembling this sculpture so that the concrete does not overlap the resin, and the lines which the different materials meet are very defined.
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  • Emily Jordan
    May 2, 2020 8:13 pm

    This is such a cool idea, I’m really impressed by your creativity. Have you ever used epoxy before? How much did the final project cost?


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