Main Project Design Review Part 2: How and Updates

The latest update with the corona virus has truly been a factor none of us could have ever accounted for. Due to this my timeline is still in the process of being adjusted as I am in the process of moving out of boulder for the next few months. However, I don’t plan on the majority of my project changing. I will still plan on making the LED snowboard whether or not I can get the motion sensor to work. Worst case scenario, if I cannot get the tools I need to build the circuit, I will leave the bluetooth sensor on and create present sequences for different types of riding. My proposed timeline that I presented (before the campus got shut down) can be seen below.

Up until this point I have gotten to March 12th so I am a few days behind. I have acquired materials and just began testing out some code. I don’t have access to a soldering iron with the most recent shut down to the idea forge. By the end of spring break I hope to be caught up to making the full assembly.

Additionally, the ski resorts across Colorado have all been shut down for this next week, and I am assuming that when this week is up they will be closed indefinitely. This makes my testing stage rather difficult. As of now my plan around that is to hope it snows and find a hill as I will likely be in the mountains for the coming months. If this doesn’t work out, then I will just confirm it works by tossing it around to see how the colors change, and/or strapping it to the roof of my car with a camera to show how the colors can change with speed. This is all assuming I can get the sensors to work the way that I want them to.

Fabrication Process:

For my actual fabrication process,

Step one was acquiring all my materials: The snowboard, The Arduino, The accelerometer, Transistors, a rechargeable 12 V battery, The LED’s, and mirrored vinyl I am going to apply to the snowboard.

Step two is applying the vinyl to the snowboard, and figure out voltage ranges of the colors within the LED’s. The vinyl has not arrived yet so I have not applied it, but a picture of the vinyl is below. I have figured out the range of voltages for the LED’s as it was described in my last post.

Step 3 is to code the Arduino to produce the output voltage desired based on the input voltage of the accelerometer.

Step 4 is to build the circuit that will connect the Arduino to the 12 V battery.

Step 5 is to put it all together and test if i am able to.

Things are still changing and I don’t know where this project will end up looking like but Im excited to see where it goes.

Also here is a link to my design review presentation:





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  • Jamie Frankel
    April 15, 2020 9:58 pm

    Austin, even if the mountains are closed I am sure you could make some kids day bringing it to a local park like scott carpenter. I think that being a few days behind is normal and ok considering the pandemic. Make sure to take care of yourself!

  • Christopher Lehr
    April 9, 2020 4:30 pm


    Sorry to hear that you cant take the board up right now but if you want to look into modifying this and maybe making a more ‘final’ idea that you could potentially sell I would definitely work with you on that.

  • Kensue Kiatoukaysy
    April 1, 2020 2:19 pm

    I agree that this will still be an amazing project to make for future plans! Even though you wont be able to use it this year I believe you can still have fun with this project.

  • miles radakovitz
    March 31, 2020 10:53 am

    It’s a bummer that the mountains are closed I was really looking forward to seeing you shred with a glowing board. As far as the project timeline is concerned I think, aside from the whole soldering iron bit, that you’re set up pretty well to actually make something pretty impressive. With the shut down of the mountains have you considered switching from a snowboard to a long board? Also do you have any materials you still need to get and if so how are the delays with shipping and such going to affect your timeline.


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