Design Review Part 2: Procedural Toys

In the wake of Corona, my last project idea was basically kaput. The “Pinion Twist” gear puzzle still had more prototyping to go through and more importantly access to a working laser cutter. My new project is to create a dynamic visual display of generative art through code. This display will be interactive to some degree, and ideally will fit on a small touchscreen that I have at my apartment. As opposed to my last idea this will be much smoother to work on at home, and my experience in the field of coding should help to make this an accessible project for me. Essentially, where before I had to go outside and and learn a bunch of new stuff, now I don’t have to leave my room and can utilize tools that I already know well.











My basic Plan now is split into the three weeks that we have left. The first week will cover most of the catch-up I need to do, and I will just be “doodling” with code trying to find interesting ways to make procedural graphics. Here I hope to be googling different algorithms and techniques to find a solid theme to work with. Right now one that appeals to me is what I’ll call an “ebb and flow” piece, where the visual moves back and forth through distinct states, kind of like those little oil hourglasses that you had as a kid.

“Oil Hourglass”, inspiration

The second week will be my iteration phase. Going into it I will have my idea narrowed down to one specific algorithm/concept, and will be polishing that idea for the duration of the week. The goal here is to have a finished product that I could hypothetically present at least one week earlier than when it is due.

The third week is essentially buffer/crazy idea time. It is meant to allow me to bleed over in case my product isn’t already presentable, or if I’m ahead give me time to play with new ideas/features that can be incorporated and polish. Stretch goals would include interfacing with the touch screen and creating multiple versions of the final product.



“Oil Droplets Hourglass.” Autistic Living,

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