Favorite YouTube Design/Build: Defunctland

Defunctland is easily my favorite YouTube design/build series. Kevin Perjurer does an excellent job giving a history of a failed attraction from various big names, such as Nickelodeon and Disney. Some of the places he gives a recounting of are absolute train wrecks, and I particularly enjoy how some of them can be very long, drawn out train wrecks.

A fair amount of the episodes cover attractions from the 70’s to early 2000’s, highlighting another aspect of this series that is well done: the inclusion of news pieces and actual commercials that were airing in its time. I think it’s great being able to see not only the perspective of how bad the attraction is after Kevin’s exploration, but  also the perspective of a potential (or actual) consumer of that time. A lot of these poorly designed attractions still experienced massive success, at least at first, and seeing how it all falls apart is really intriguing. I highly recommend this channel, although it serves as more of an anti-role model, each episode is very well crafted and informative, both design-wise and historically.


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