Favorite YouTube Builds: Adam Savage One Day Builds

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For many of us young engineering folks Mythbusters was an incredibly influential show on discovery channel. I personally was always enamored with the scale of objects that the folks on that show were able to build. Adam Savage was always my personal favorite mainly due to his unapologetically nerdy demeanor. The show stopped making new episodes a while ago, but I was absolutely delighted when I discovered Adam Savage’s YouTube channel.

On his channel he has a great variety of content ranging from his “Incognito” series where he goes under cover at comicon in absolutely jaw dropping cosplays to his one day build series where he builds things for his shop and house as well as for his cosplays. Throughout all of these different things he brings this child like sense of excitement that is absolutely enrapturing. Furthermore, the quality of work produced is absolutely impressive. This makes sense due to his many years of experience in movie special effects.

Beyond all of this though, he does not act like he is anything special. He rather frames his idea and goes about executing it in a logical manner and by this creates a feeling of inspiration and excitement as opposed to intimidation. Finally, the thing that makes me happiest about watching his videos is when I do decide to make something, even if its kind of poorly planned, he would probably be delighted by the fact that I’m out there making something.

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  • Muhammad shakeel
    April 10, 2021 12:26 pm

    Amazing and knowledgeable video. I got idea for my project from your video and another article of this link https://mechanicalboost.com/what-is-an-impulse-turbine-main-components-working-principle-and-applications/

  • Hannah Walsh
    May 5, 2020 2:09 pm

    I started to watch the videos, but when i saw the time I realized this was a much different endeavor than I was ready for. I still skimmed through lots of it, and loved seeing his final products. First, I loved Mythbusters too, who didn’t? Second, he shows that seemingly huge projects can get done in short(er) amounts of time as long as you’re committed. His videos don’t seem to be geared to any specific type or age of person, and I agree that he would just be happy that other people like building!

  • Justin Engbrecht
    April 3, 2020 2:01 pm

    Hello Miles. I also loved watching Mythbusters when I was younger and last semester we had a guest speaker within my Advanced Product Design course who was one of the team members behind the scenes during the show. He spoke about what a shoestring budget, skeleton crew, and insane schedule they had for most of their endeavors, which made the tests that Adam, Jamie and the crew did even more impressive in hindsight. I love that Adam Savage is staying active in his engineering pursuits and documenting it well. I also love that, like you said, he roots most of his work in being unapologetically nerdy and in childlike excitement for new creations.


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