Main Project Aesthetics // Plans and Alternatives

Having explored inspiration from other artists, brides, and Pinterest, I have settled on a desired aesthetic. I was predominantly inspired by this arch:

Photograph by Anushe Low, styling by Rock My Wedding

Particularly, I love the use of exposed copper pipes. I think these exposed pipes look industrial, rustic, and bring a nice juxtaposition to the flowers and leaves. The softness and organic shapes of the greenery really balances out the sharp lines and geometric statements of the copper pipes. Even more so, my wedding colors include terra cotta orange, a muted/earth tone peach color, sage green, grey, and a dark emerald green. So the copper pipes will bring out the industrial, rustic aesthetic that I’m aiming for. I was inspired by these furniture pieces:

Artist: TJ Volonis

My plan is to make an arch out of copper piping and use floral accents, Edison light bulbs with dimmer switches (timed using an Arduino), and succulents. It has to be between 5 and 6 feet tall. I also want to be creative with the shape. I was inspired by this pentagon shape:

Emily Wren Photography, styled by Green Wedding Shoes

However, it may be hard to find pipe fittings at such strange angles, so one alternative might be to make a hexagon. Furthermore, copper might be expensive, but PVC spray painted copper may also achieve the desired aesthetic. It is important to me to have something completely deconstruct-able/reconstruct-able in order to allow for easy transportation and potential re-use.

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  • Hey Brooke, I would agree with Ryan that the copper pipes would definitely look really good with your wedding theme but I also agree that you could use spray painted PVC pipes as a cheap alternative. How do you plan on standing the arch up? Or do you plan on sticking it into the ground like in the last example photo you provided?

  • Ryan Weatherbee
    April 15, 2020 10:02 pm

    Based off the color choices for your wedding, I think that the copper pipes would mesh very well. Also, I think that this particular medium allows for a lot of creativity in terms of the overall geometry. If you are also taking disassembly into consideration, have you looked at those flanged pipe fittings? Here’s a link to what I’m talking about They would make it easy have a few joints that bolt together and can easily be taken apart to make the overall structure more manageable.


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