Cabin in one day: Favorite youtube design build

I really enjoy the timelapse videos of people working on outfitting vans to live out of, but I also hate how much time they spend talking in the videos. Here is something along the same lines but with two people just getting to work and doing something really impressive in a short amount of time. They use really basic tools and manage to make a nice little winter cabin in a super short amount of time. I’m really impressed by what they manage to accomplish in a single day, and the end result is both simple and super cozy.

I think that I enjoy these videos the most when the actual work does all the talking. I watched a lot of videos for this assignment but came back to this one that I had seen before. I hope you enjoy it! it is pretty long but the speed in which they build a cabin is truly impressive.

Youtube link:

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  • Thomas Buckholtz
    April 6, 2020 10:26 am

    This was such a good watch! Thanks for sharing, I agree a lot of Youtube content has way too much voice-over or overdone intros, this was a very satisfying build that did an excellent job of capturing all the action without too much fluff. I’m curious to see how that door has held up, it didn’t look like they added any extra clearance so I think over time, the wood warp could mess that up, but maybe they used some sort of treatment on all the pieces to combat that? Regardless I’ll definitely be checking out more of their builds if they have any, very relaxing and satisfying to watch.

  • Max, this is a great video. Normally I do like explanations and talking, but this video does a great job of not using them while still clearly showing how to do everything so that it can be replicated. The camera quality is great, and they show enough footage to give you every detail that you would nee. How did you find this video? Was it on social media, or sent by a friend, or what?


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