Favorite YT Design Video 2020: Air Mags

Facebook Video (Mashed all the highlights together of the original youtube video)


I first found this video through facebook and oftentimes views on these particular videos get more views when all the highlights of the original video are mashed up into one. The original youtube video link is provided down below. The artist,  John Manalo found some authentic Air Mags washed ashore, and he goes through the process in refurbishing the shoes.

As you can see, in the youtube video he provides commentary. I plan to have some commentary at the end of the video in mine but not as the main background commentary. In reference to the facebook video,  it just provides all the highlights of the video in high-speed over some music (hopefully I will have some better music as oppose to the facebook one, maybe an electrical guitar song in spirit of my project). This often follows the trend of other facebook videos, as it is very effective and keeps the audience entertained throughout through a 4 minute video instead of a 14 minute documentary. Most of the other video examples provided a build from scratch, this deals with more refurbishing element, which pertains to the electrical guitar I will be refurbishing.


Manalo, John, director. Cleaning The Dirtiest Nike’s Ever! $17,500 Air Mags Back To New! Youtube, 25 Sept. 2019, Cleaning The Dirtiest Nike’s Ever! $17,500 Air Mags Back To New!

Manalo, John, director. Cleaning Some Filthy £14,000 Rare Nike Shoes LMFAO Like Comment Share William Tse. Facebook Watch, LMFAO, 30 Mar. 2020, www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=external&v=583556388910726.



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  • Jackson Hootman
    April 4, 2020 4:46 pm

    Hey Will! I was first introduced to the Nike Air Mags in a Netflix documentary called Abstract. In this particular episode, Tinker Hatfield was highlighted, who designed many Nike shoes. If you haven’t seen it, I would definitely recommend it.


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