Aesthetics in Minimalism

I don’t see any aesthetic roots in myself. But as for my final project of making a hedgehog phone case , I’m choosing minimalism and perhaps a little bit of biomimicry, with that being said, it’s creating something with minimal shape that can represent its animal form.

Above is the example of biomimicry, the product on the right is similar to the style that I want the phone case to be archiving.

It appears to me that there is the aspect of minimalism within biomimicry itself that’s taking some aspect of the animal, and it’s peeling off all the unnecessary traits and leaving the core one to be replicated onto another product.

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  • This is a really cool idea and I love seeing where your ideas are coming from! Excited to see your project!

  • Hi Xiang! I definitely think your project is rooted in biomimicry. I find it really interesting that you combine it with modernism and say that modernism peels back all the unnecessary traits of biomimicry. What aspects of biomimicry do you think you had to peel back for the phone case you are designing?


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