My Aesthetic Roots

I’m so thrilled that I can share about my own personal aesthetic exploration, artwork, and style as it has developed over the course of my life. I have always loved art and just creating. Something that I have always been drawn to is intricate details, like in paisley designs and mandalas. The way that those particular aesthetics incorporate so much precision, but also an element of randomness has always been inspiring to me. In the pictures below are a few of my pieces from AP Studio Art in high school. That class was really foundational for me to develop appreciation for aesthetic because we had to create over 30 pieces in one school year, half of which had to adhere to a certain “concentration” or theme (which I will get to later in this post).



Organic shapes and tiny details that amalgamate to form a bigger picture was inspiring to me. This made me appreciate aesthetics from different cultures: mandalas, tribal patterns, and much more. This also lead me to explore the same phenomena in nature. I created many pieces for my “concentration” centered around math in nature. Fibonacci and fractals were central to my art and interpretation of math in nature, but also show up in the mandala aesthetic that I was so drawn to originally.

Since that time, I still find myself drawn to rustic, natural, organic aesthetics. I can appreciate minimalism, but even today, when I go to Target to pick out a shower curtain, it has a beautiful, intricate pattern. This is all thanks to my aesthetic roots.

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  • Jamie Frankel
    April 15, 2020 9:11 pm

    Nature is so inspirational because it sometimes seems so impossible that something so unique can be created. I love how in your personal time you are making art with nature through your wood burning. I too love mandalas for their intricacy and at one point thought about getting a tattoo of one.

  • Jackson Hootman
    April 12, 2020 7:14 pm

    Hi Brooke! These pieces are extremely impressive! It seems nature has significant influence in your art. Do you know of any artists or movements that set the stage for art inspired by nature?


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