Construction Update

As a reminder, my project has become to render two types of lighting and a clock and place them in a room setting. My process has been the following: Create models -> find an appropriate room in sketchup -> finish models and apply textures -> place the models in the room. As of right now, all I have left to do is final touches and textures for my models, and place them in the room I found on sketchup.


Here are my models as they stand right now, Models with more detail are coming soon.


Here is the room I will be showcasing my work in. I chose it because it contains lots of modernist furniture, and it won’t distract too much from my designs.

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  • Hey Rhys,

    The render looks good. I need a little more understanding to visualize it though. The rendering for the room loos simplistic, have you created it yourself? All the best and would love to see how the final product turns out.


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