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Simone Gierts is my all time inspiration as a youtuber. She is a bad ass lady who has found a way to beat anxiety whilst doing something she loves. I have a whole blog post on my own personal website as to why she inspires me as a human which I will link here: https://jamiefrankelhonorsengineeringportfolio.wordpress.com/2019/02/06/who-inspires-me-and-why/

Ok, so now more specifically why do I like her as a designer and a maker? She recently divulged some of her project inspiration methodology which she aptly calls “make x out of y” to give you an example she made a chair out of matches. In that particular build she started with 62 different sketches. She continues on to prototype and then adapt her designs. As a woman I personally really appreciate that she does all of her own making (with the slight exception of her truckla video). She does her own welding and angle grinding and everything. Anyway, she really takes the time to think through her fabrication and then to dedicate the necessary time to build her projects correctly with a nice finish.

Here she is lighting her table on fire before layering it in an epoxy protective coating (link to video down below)

This is her finished table. I love the contrast between the color of the wood, the match heads, and the white edges.

Video link

She has a quirky industrial style that I really connect with. She uses Edison bulbs and industrial materials such as copper and piping. While this is kind of my personal style I think that I am more drawn to typical modern. However, because of how wonderful her personality is and how original her designs are I cant help but love watching her.

Here she is showing off a movable fastener holder made out of copper pipe which stacks and expands depending on user needs.

I love this two day build of hers, it is a side table with a functional light bulb meant to look like a needle and spool.

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  • Ryan Weatherbee
    April 25, 2020 6:57 pm

    Simone Gierts has an amazing channel, great choice! The chair made out of matches definitely reminds me of the “Aesthetic Game” where you have to design some product to match a certain aesthetic.

  • The matches table is so interesting! I loved to see how her mind worked and the uniqueness of her design process (plus how pyros can create awesome things and not just destroy, haha). Thanks for sharing!


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