Construction Update 2020 – Steampunk Headphone Stand

The construction update on my main project is pretty evident from the pictures attached. I am through with the whole construction process for my project. I completed it last week with the steampunk bulb installed and the steampunk gear decoration all over the product.

Product Constituents –

  • Headphone Stand
  • Steampunk USB Fan
  • Steampunk Edison Bulb
  • A 3 port extension cube
  • A steampunk skull

To complete this project, I followed  the steps I described in my project update, after assembling all the pipes together, I spray painted the whole product using metallic paint to give it the antique touch. Post the paint job, I installed the fan and the extension cube, and then spray painted it too (originally white in color). Later, I let it aside and installed the bulb once it dried up. The next process was to place the skull, I was pretty confused on where to place it, thankfully I found a place, where it would actually accentuate the whole aesthetic. Furthermore, I added on small gears to increase the aesthetic appeal. All of the parts assembled on the product were using a hot glue gun.

The whole product is in action now, it sits on my new gaming setup and is serving the exact need I built it for,





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