Final Report Part 1 – Steampunk Headphone Stand

Final Project Part 1 – “What”

Hello everyone, this report is about what I tried to build for my final project. As the name suggests I built a steampunk headphone stand as my final project. Due to COVID, I understand we lost a lot of resources and some of us had to change their scope for the project but thankfully, it did not affect me a lot as I had procured all of my materials beforehand. So my inspiration for the project and the vision is still the same as I spoke in the design review and I would like to bring it up again

Inspiration and Existing Design –

  • The main inspiration for this project was my aim to build a functional product matching my daily need.
  • After identifying a specific need, I decided on building a headphone stand.
  • For reference I searched for existing designs online, and discovered a common aspect in all the designs.
  • I was sure about building the headphone stand, but decided to give an additional touch with a specific aesthetic.
  • Finally I decided steampunk to be the aesthetic and started building my project accordingly.

Existing Designs –

[1] Minimalist Aesthetic

[2] Human Aesthetic

Vision and Aesthetic –

  • The vision for this project was to successfully build a headphone stand.
  • I would proudly say i have achieved my vision of building the product.
  • I use it daily and it sits on my gaming setup and eases my process of storing the headphones and acts as my charging port.
  • The aesthetic I chose was steampunk as I am a fan of it and always wanted a product relating to it.

Initial Plan and Sketch –


My final product differs a bit from what I had envisioned earlier structurally, but I still included all the elements that I spoke about earlier, which are as follows :-

Specifications –

  • A wooden base
  • Pipes
  • Edison Bulb
  • Steampunk Skull
  • Steampunk Fan
  • Steampunk gears

Construction –

  • I have successfully completed my product construction.
  • I have spoken about it in detail in the construction update, so I’ll just briefly describe about the whole process.
  • Using PVC pipes, metallic paint and a hot glue gun, I put all of the elements together. I designed it in a such a way that it sits on my table and doesn’t take up a lot of space while still serving the purpose.
  • It is big enough to carry three headphones and small earphones while charging them simultaneously, also powering it is a fan and a bulb that lights my whole workspace. The skull on top enhances the visual appeal.


References –





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  • Brooke Shade
    May 3, 2020 5:32 pm

    Sarthak, I think it is so cool how you made something incredibly modern (for holding headphones) with such a cool aesthetic that is very contrary to the aesthetic typically used for this product. Very creative! What are some other products that are typically confined to one particular aesthetic that could be completely redone in a new way?

  • Noah Verspohl
    May 3, 2020 4:19 pm


    I am glad that I got to review your final reports, and here is my feedback:
    Statement of meaning:
    I like how you were able to build off of the existing designs you found on the internet but make it your own. I also like how you incorporated the functionality of adding a charging station, light and fan to the stand. This makes your work space not only look aesthetically pleasing, bu also more organized and productive.
    Neutral questions:
    What made you interested in the steampunk Aesthetic?
    Also, do you plan to revise your project at all?


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