Spinning Plant Holder Plans and Alternatives

Originally I believed that I would be able to pretty much make my own version of Bramble and Hare’s rotating bar shelving unit using a gear mechanism (see sketch below).

Eventually I realized that this was not to be my future as I would not be able to A) find a sprocket large enough within my budget B) find a chain that fit the sprocket at the size I needed C) modify the chain so that I could have a point of connection and rotation for the shelves. Therefore, as the Bear Grills memes instruct, I would have to “improvise, adapt, [and] overcome”. Therefore I figured out that if I could just use pipe fittings and two bearings because each shelf can rotate on its own pipe so long as the three pronged fixture’s holes are slightly larger and capped off at the ends. I also believed I could just use a plank of wood as a shelf until I realized that my center of gravity needed to be lower so that it could swing about the point of attachment which meant that I needed to drop the depth of the shelf somehow.


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  • Emily Jordan
    May 2, 2020 8:06 pm

    I’m super impressed that you had a concrete design at this stage. I really like the idea of making a plant holder that moves/spins. Did you get the chance to manufacture this at all? Did you end up changing your design?


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