Top 5 Constraints: Tripod Chair

My top 5 constraints for my project will be:

Aesthetics: A tripod chair can vary from looks and fit into many different aesthetics. For my project however, I want to limit the design to a very simple and rugged look and fit into an aesthetic that suits that look.

Size: I need to make sure that the chair is big enough to sit comfortably in without having to squat down while also being small enough to carry around using a shoulder strap or straps on a backpack.

Weight: I need to consider the weight of the chair as it is meant to be very portable and easy to carry around. Therefore, I’ll need to make sure it’s lightweight so it won’t cause fatigue or strain when being carried for an extended amount of time.

Durability: The chair needs to be durable enough so that it can be tossed around and used many times. It needs to be sturdy and support the weight of a person for extended amounts of time as well. I’ll need to consider what materials to use that can support this criteria.

Functionality: I want to make sure my project has more function than just being a portable chair. I want to consider other options for the design that gives the project more functionality rather than just being simple chair.

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  • Justin Lim
    May 6, 2020 4:49 pm

    Hi Bryan,

    I really like how you’re striving to push your thought process with your chair. You’re asking yourself to make more. Great job and good reflection on the difficulties of your project.

  • Ryan Weatherbee
    April 25, 2020 5:55 pm

    I like how well thought out your constraints are. In particular, I think that weight is often overlooked as a quality that should be considered when designing many products. In your case, it having as little weight as possible is arguably connected to functionality since the low weight is fundamental to its purpose.


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